Dan Lok, a.k.a. The Man, is known as the world’s highest-paid strategic consultant in the real estate and “high-ticket” space.

These days, Dan’s private clients pay up to $250,000 to work with him. And they come from across the world to work with him. (UK, USA, New Zealand, China)

Dan Lok prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare!

That’s because as a strategic business consultant – Dan Lok specializes in creating “celebrity-authorities” in their respective marketplaces, which makes them rise above their competition being in a “category of one” allowing their business to reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

For the past 10 years, Dan has been a trusted advisor to some of the most successful celebrity experts alive today. New York Times bestselling authors. World renowned motivational speakers. Industry leaders. Internet gurus. And so many others. He’s the revenue strategist that celebrity entrepreneurs turn to for guidance.

Dan Lok has run large seminars and training programs for years. However today, Dan prefers working with a select number of high-level entrepreneurs on a private basis or in his Dan Lok Inner Circle (in Vancouver).

Entrepreneurs choose to work with Dan because he’s not just a one-trick pony “marketing guru” or “coach”, but an 8-figure entrepreneur himself — one of the few consultants that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures. In other words, he eats his own cooking! His own high-end mastermind group (known as Dan Lok Inner Circle) is nearly 32 members strong.

Three ways you can work with Dan Lok

1. A DOSE OF DAN™ ~ $10,000/hr.
High-Ticket Sales Breakthrough

When a break in Dan’s schedule makes it possible to consult with someone like you who has knowledge to share with the world, he’s truly delighted.

To be honest, many people (perhaps you) don’t have time to go through a one-size-fits-all “program” to identify the specific strategies and tactics that will catapult your business and media career forward.

You might have an immediate opportunity you need to exploit — now.

If this describes you and you wish Dan would just detail the complete road map for your business… telling you exactly what to do (and when) — today I have good news for you.

Once a while, Dan sets aside a limited number of sessions to work privately with people like you who want to become his newest advisory clients.

Unlike the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Dan’s A-list clients have paid for ongoing work, this advisory-only consultation is designed to quickly and economically give you the exact steps to take so you can move forward with a well-defined plan — then execute on your own.

If you’d like to claim your spot for a consultation — click through now to book your appointment at the advisory-client rate of just $10,000 per hour.

Only a handful of consultation times are available each month.

2. A DAY WITH DAN™ ~ $100,000/day.
Strategy + Implementation Sessions for Serious Thought Leaders

A DAY WITH DAN™ isn’t for everyone. You’ve heard “time is money” and Dan is very clear with his time and also be very clear with who his ideal client is (so he can serve YOU best).

A DAY WITH DAN™ is done at his new waterview home in beautiful Vancouver, BC. You might want to book extra days to vacay or retreat on your own.

Most coaches and consultants blame themselves, and try to work on their mindset – a HUGE mistake. It’s NOT your mindset that needs to change, it’s your MODEL. The model you use today (manual prospecting to get a few leads, one-to-one selling and time-for- money coaching) is NEVER going to get you where you want to be. Instead, you need a scalable, one-to-many model. Dan will show you exactly how to do it.

A DAY WITH DAN™ addresses the critical issues affecting coaches who are struggling to make a high six- or seven-figure income. You’ll spend an entire day with Dan together outlining in signature detail the next level of your business growth.

Minimum Consulting 1 on 1 Agreement 12 months: $250,000 + revenue share (approximately 50 hours)

PARTNER UP WITH DAN™ is for those committed to moving forward in a huge way.

You receive not only complete access to Dan, but his complete commitment to your business. Dan’s treatment of your business just like it were his own.

If you came here for a breakthrough around high-ticket sales, this level is for you.

In addition, you get 50 hours of consulting and most importantly, you get access to Dan Lok’s million dollar rolodex and his world-class team.

Below You’ll Find A Partial List of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs With Whom DAN HAS Had The Privilege Of Working

Joo Kim Tiah – Developer of the $360 Million Trump Tower in Vancouver

Joo Kim Tiah is Deputy CEO of the TA Group of Companies and President and CEO of the Holborn Group.

Joo Kim has a combined 10 plus years of working in the real estate and finance sector in Canada, Malaysia and Singapore. The TA Group of Companies listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange include TA Enterprise Bhd (TAE) and TA Global Bhd (TAG).

TAE is primarily a financial services provider with its core business in retail stockbroking. TAG is a real estate investment entity with interest in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, China and Canada. Its core business involves real estate management, development and hospitality. The collective market cap of the TA Group of Companies approximates MYR 4 billion or CDN 1.3 billion. Holborn is Joo Kim’s family’s private real estate investment firm that is involved in real estate management and development in BC.

Jay Conrad Levinson – The Father of Guerrilla Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history, “Guerrilla Marketing”, plus 27 other business books. His guerrilla concepts have influenced marketing so much that today his books appear in 41 languages and are required reading in many MBA programs worldwide.

Jay taught guerrilla marketing for ten years at the extension division of the University of California in
Berkeley. And he was a practitioner of it in the United States — as Senior Vice-President at J. Walter Thompson, and in Europe, as Creative Director and Board Member at Leo Burnett Advertising.

He has written a monthly column for Entrepreneur Magazine, articles for Inc. Magazine, and writes online columns published monthly on the Microsoft Website — in addition to occasional columns in the San Francisco Examiner. Jay is the Chairman of Guerrilla Marketing International, a marketing partner of Adobe and Apple. He has served on the Microsoft Small Business Council and the 3Com Small Business Advisory Board.

Matt Morris – Best-Selling Author of Founder of Success University

Matt Morris is an eight-time bestselling author, including his #1 bestseller, The Unemployed Millionaire: Escape the Rat Race, Fire Your Boss and Live Life on YOUR Terms!Matt has been interviewed nationally and internationally on Television and Radio and has been seen on major media networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN. He is also the founder of Success You Publishing LLC, a breakthrough publishing company that has helped over 100 clients become bestselling authors.

A serial entrepreneur for 18 years, Matt Morris has generated well over $50 million through either his own brands or through leading sales organizations for other companies.

Dr. Amir Rouzati – Celebrity Doctor & #1 Boxtox Educator in Canada

Dr. Rouzati is one of the highest volume injectors of Botox and Fillers in Toronto.

He has previously served as the medical director for the largest medical cosmetic clinic in North America. He brings an array of experience along with an approach to detail and safety that is unmatched in the industry.

Dr. Rouzati’s practice had the rare distinction for being one of the fastest growing for Botox and Filler injections in all of Canada.

Frank McKinney – The Maverick Daredevil Developer

Frank McKinney is a 5-time International bestselling author, philanthro-capitalist, risk-taker, ultramarathoner, actor and visionary who sees opportunities and creates markets where none existed before.

Frank McKinney is known around the globe as a Real Estate “Artist,” and the creative force behind some of the world’s finest and most magnificent mansions ever built.

Prior to the sale of his new multi-million dollar “Acqua Liana” mansion, he had sold, with an asking price of $50 Million, the largest and most expensive spec home ever created, containing 72 rooms, 32,000 square feet, 12 bedrooms, 18 baths, and a 14 car garage.

Since his first $2.2 million oceanfront spec home in 1992, Frank McKinney has created and sold 41 oceanfront properties with an average selling price over $14 million.

Frank was recently featured on ABC’s 20/20 with Martin Bashir, the cover of USA Today, the Oprah Winfrey Show, CBS’ The Early Show, CNN, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, HGTV, CBN TV, National Public Radio (NPR), in The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Bloomberg, Fortune, Barrons, Town and Country, Robb Report, The Nightly Business Report (PBS) and in over 2,000 additional TV and print stories.

Darren LaCroix – The World Champion of Public Speaking

Darren out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win the title – the World Champion of Public Speaking,He is known as the person who helps speakers launch their careers in professional speaking. His trademarked program Get Paid to Speak by Next Week® has helped many speakers launch their very first checks. He also supports speakers doing business coaching through his internet program, Get Paid to Speak TV.

Now, Darren is in high demand as a speaking coach. As co-founder of The Humor Institute and a co-creator of The Humor Boot Camp®, Darren directs seminars that help presenters wisely use the power of humor to “lighten up” their presentations. He is also an award-winning producer of the film Healing, Hope, and Humor.

Jerry “DRhino” Clark – The World’s #1 MLM Motivator

Jerry became a self-made millionaire while still in his 20’s. Today, through his company Club Rhino, Inc., he conducts personal and professional development seminars around the World.

Jerry is the producer of over 100 of the most empowering audio programs available in the Networking industry. Many of which he is also the author, such as The Magic of Influence, and High Achievement Network Marketing.

Andrew Rondeau – UK’s Top Management Consulting Executive

Andrew Rondeau is the owner of the What Is Management article directory.

For the last 25 years, Andrew has been a leader, manager, coach and consultant within numerous large blue-chip corporations.

Kevin St.Clergy, M.S. – The #1 Business Expert in Audiology

Kevin is the founder and president of EducatedPatients.com.

He has a Masters of Audiology and worked as the Director of Business Development for a network of 2,000 independent practices across U.S.

Kevin is the author of several books on the business and marketing of audiology.

Liliana Somma – Kids Biz Millionaire

Liliana Somma is the owner of three successful dance and music schools, the founder of Kids Biz Masters, and a distinguished business leader, speaker, and a nationally recognized educator.

Widely celebrated as pre-eminent expert on businesses in the children’s enrichment industry and has been quoted in dozens of major publications, including Entrepreneur Magazine and CNN Headline News.

Charlie Cook – Marketing Guru To Fortune 500 Companies

Over the last twenty years, Charlie Cook has been providing marketing and management consulting services to Fortune 500 companies that include AETNA, AT&T, Cendant, GTE, and Pitney Bowes as well as mid-sized companies like Citizens Utilities and Hartford Steam Boiler, publications that include Fortune, Hemispheres and Forbes and numerous small businesses./p>

Thousands of copies of his training manuals have been bought and used by executives, managers and trainers at hundreds of Fortune 500 companies including AT&T, Merck, Chevron, IBM and Boeing as well as by marketing professionals, individuals and entrepreneurs.His marketing articles and marketing strategies have been widely published in both online and print publications. He’s a columnist for Sales and Service Excellence, Money n’ Profits and Home Business magazines as well as being regularly published in dozens of other business and marketing journals and magazines including Business Week. He’s regularly interviewed on the radio and have appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Sales and Marketing radio show.And many more. There are some clients I even can’t talk about because we’ve signed a confidentiality agreement. You will be literally blown away if you know who they were.

Shane Goldberg – Founder and CEO of Pro Photo Secrets

Shane is an award winning professionally trained as a Compositor / Graphic Prepress guru back in the early 90’s.

Shane has an equally impressive passion for business as a keen entrepreneur he decided late 2004 he would create some fun, easy to follow ‘How To’ video tutorials showing people how to use Photoshop on the internet and via CD and DVD courses.

Within a short space of time ProPhotoSecrets.com was born and Shane had 10’s of thousands of subscribers worldwide.

For over 7 years now Shane has successfully trained many tens of thousands of Photoshop users from complete novice up to professional level including Adobe Certified Expert Status. Both online and in the classroom setting.

Wayne Lee – Canada’s Premiere Hypnotist

Empowerment speaker, author and hypnotist Wayne Lee, is an expert on the power of the mind. As a five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion, Wayne knows that mental focus is essential in achieving success.

Wayne Lee has performed over 2,500 shows and hypnotized over 25,000 people!

Over the years, Wayne has performed for many national and international clients, including McDonald’s Restaurants, General Motors, Princess Cruise Lines, Meeting Professionals International and IBM Canada. Wayne has also appeared on several national television and radio programs. Wayne has also developed several inspirational and motivational products to help people transform their lives.

Peter Conti – World’s #1 Greatest Commercial Real Estate Mentor

An ex-auto mechanic turned real estate multi-millionaire, Peter Conti is one of the top real estate investors in the United States.

He has created over 15 real estate courses and six real estate best sellers, including Making Big Money Investing in Foreclosures Without Cash or Credit!, which soared to the top of the best seller lists at the Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

In addition, two of Peter’s books were selected among the Top 10 Real Estate Books of the Year by syndicated real estate columnist Robert Bruss.

Later, Peter added the Commercial Mentoring Program to his already successful list of Residential and Foreclosure programs. This Level Three Program earned the Educational Excellence Award from the American Real Estate Investors Association and attracted Wiley Publishing to ask Peter to write their Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies book.